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 Animal Hoarding Cleanup

Animal Hoarding is a huge problem that is becoming more common across the United States. The majority of animal hoarders  are not purposefully harmful to the animals.

Most animal hoarders have only love and the best intentions for their animals. Most animal hoarders are isolated from the outside world and find comfort in having their pets surrounding them. Animals are non judgmental and will love their owners unconditionally. The problem begins when the number of animals overwhelms the resident and the animals take control of the home. Litter boxes are usually found overflowing with waste and the smell of urine is usually overpowering. Typically, animal hoarders know that they can't take care of the animals anymore but fear losing them so fail to properly deal with the situation.  Animal hoarders will rarely have their pets spayed or neutered which only makes the problem grow. Animal hoarders will generally only deal with the problem when forced to by code enforcement officers and City or County intervention.

Steri-Clean has cleaned hundreds of animal hoarders homes and will treat them with compassion throughout the process. We are trained in hoarding and know the complications associated with it. We will patiently work with the resident to assist them in properly correcting their code violations. We can also try to help place the animals into a no kill shelter or other place of refuge. Please call us for more information or a free estimate on a cleanup of any home involving animal hoarding.

Speak with an Animal Hoarding Specialist now - (800) 462-7337 (1-800-HOARDERS) 
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The photos below are all from homes we were hired to clean.



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