Bacteria, Pathogens, Microorganisms, and Viruses… OH MY!

Just thinking about them and how truly dangerous they can be is enough to scare you to death (no pun intended). There is a lot to know and understand about each of them. How some are more dangerous than others. How some can not only make you very sick but could even be deadly, if not properly remediated. Where do all these different bacterias, pathogens, microorganisms, and viruses come from and how do you properly clean and disinfect for them? How do you know if they are present if you can’t see them? You’ve got questions, right? Do you really have the time to research all you this? Probably not. But, lucky for you, Steri-Clean does. We know all there is to know about each of them and when and how to clean and disinfect each of them specifically to make sure that you and your household, office, or business are safe from any potential health or even life-threatening dangers. To quantify (or confirm) our cleaning method was successful before disinfecting, we perform ATP testing.

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