Decomposition Cleanup

Steri-Clean Has Been Disinfecting and Restoring Homes for Almost 30 Years

When an individual passes away and is not discovered for days or weeks, this is called an unattended death. We know how devastating this is for family members and loved ones. You should never have to deal with this on your own. The varying stages of decomposition of a body may require a professional team to come in to perform decomposition cleanup and support you in this difficult time.

As a body decomposes over hours, days, and weeks, blood and fluids will leak out and penetrate porous materials. The longer the body remains, the worse the damage becomes. Fluids may even permeate the flooring, baseboards, and walls. This will likely also result in bad odors and harmful pathogens getting into the air. The longer a body has been decomposing in a house, the more unsafe the house becomes and the harder it will be to rent, sell, or live in.

It is recommended that you never attempt an unattended death cleanup on your own unless you have special training and a way to legally dispose of the medical waste. Steri-Clean professionals will take this load off your shoulders and make sure your building is once again safe to inhabit. Our technicians conduct a thorough inspection of the property to gain an understanding of how severe the damage is.

Our Decomposition Cleanup Process

Steri-Clean technicians use the latest in cleaning and disinfectant agents to clean up and remove residue, odor, and pathogens from every area that was affected by the death. Steri-Clean uses our proven, hospital-grade odor treatment to eliminate biohazards and all traces of odor from the home.

Steri-Clean will give you professional care and personal compassion. Most importantly, you will be left with confidence that your home has been properly taken care of and the unattended death cleanup meets all the highest standards. We work with most homeowner’s insurance agencies, and we provide “Safe to Occupy” certificates when our work is complete.