Cigarette Smoke Removal

Professional Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

Cigarette smoke sits in houses, cars, and businesses, making them difficult to sell and/or lowering the property value. Air freshener may cover the smell for a while, but when the nicotine is embedded in walls, furniture, upholstery, clothing, and other items, the odor doesn’t go away without a professional team getting to the root of the problem.

Steri-Clean has developed an amazingly pain-free method to eliminate cigarette odors from cars, homes, hotel rooms, and even personal belongings! If you are tired of inhaling even slight odors when you step into a room or car, call Steri-Clean. Our services aren’t just efficient, effective, and fast, they’re also highly affordable!


Steri-Clean’s Odor Elimination

Steri-Clean has developed a unique odor control solution that destroys the odor molecule, completely removing the smell of cigarettes instead of simply masking it. This allows us to completely turn a room around, raising the selling or renting price of a house, car, apartment, or room. Our process is so effective at eliminating the molecules that cause odor and removing nicotine stains, we have even transformed smoking rooms at hotels into non-smoking rooms.

We remove all signs and odors of the following:

  • Cigarette

  • Vape

  • Cigar

  • Marijuana

  • Pipe

  • Other smoke odors

If you have recurring visitors, customers, or household members that use cigarettes or similar items indoors, we offer ongoing services. We visit the property regularly to remove odors, ensuring that the area is always a pleasant place to be.

Don’t let cigarette smoke dominate your car, home, or business any longer. Call Steri-Clean today! Our specialists are excited about the opportunity to partner with you.