Steri-Clean and Rotary Clubs: A National Partnership Driving Progress Against Addiction

Introduction to This Powerful Collaboration

Steri-Clean brings over 29 years of Biohazardous waste and Fentanyl remediation expertise to hundreds of communities nationwide. Meanwhile, Rotary International harnesses the power of 1.2 million engaged community leaders mobilizing around humanitarian issues via local clubs. Steri-Clean franchisees are teaming up with Rotary members nationwide to implement Project SMART - Rotary's groundbreaking addiction and overdose crisis response initiative.

This collaboration combines Steri-Clean's medical waste and technical remediation capabilities with Rotary's on-the-ground community infrastructure to drive progress through awareness campaigns, prevention education, and increased access to resources like Naloxone. Together, Project SMART and Steri-Clean possess immense potential for impact.

Rotary Project SMART

Rotary Club Partnerships

The Widespread Impact

With over 100 Rotary Clubs launching Project SMART, Steri-Clean is accelerating outcomes by training citizens to save lives. Recent initiatives include:

30 Steri-Clean franchisees are becoming certified Naloxone trainers running community training workshops.
Distribution of 3,000+ overdose reversal medication kits across 18 states to those at highest risk.
Providing 350+ secure drug disposal containers to safeguard public health.
Here is one example of the dramatic impact of Linda Morris of Compass Healing Center:

"The multifaceted support we've received through Project SMART and Steri-Clean training has exponentially furthered our mission of keeping people struggling with substance use safe. It's saving lives here in our community."

Project SMART and Steri-Clean Partnership Outcomes

Participating in This National Initiative

Project SMART offers numerous ways for organizations and individuals to get involved:

Corporate Response Partners

Companies like Steri-Clean can become harm reduction Corporate Response Partners by assisting with relevant expertise, resources, training, and community education.

Individual Members

Passionate individuals can join their local Rotary clubs to volunteer across Project SMART initiatives, from Naloxone distribution to recovery coaching.

Regardless of background, Project SMART has opportunities to transform communities.

Discover Rotary Project SMART Involvement

Understanding Naloxone's Life Saving Capabilities

Naloxone is a vital emergency medication proven to rapidly reverse deadly opioid overdoses. However, barriers like cost, lack of training, and social stigma have prevented equitable access to this essential life saving drug. Project SMART aims to tear down those barriers through Steri-Clean's network of Naloxone-educated franchisees positioned to provide training, supplies, and non-judgmental support across communities at no cost.

Naloxone's Mechanisms for Opioid Overdose Reversal

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal: An Extension of Steri-Clean's Expertise

With opioid-related deaths escalating across many states, Steri-Clean recognizes companies must protect public health. They have distributed special Sharps containers for safe Naloxone applicator disposal to Project SMART locations - keeping biohazard waste off the streets. Steri-Clean also directly educates on proper post-administration protocols. This comprehensive approach demonstrates ethical business leadership in combating catastrophe through cooperation.

Safe Needle Disposal for Harm Reduction

Seize This Opportunity to Positively Impact Communities

Get involved if you were moved to act after learning about Project SMART's mission and existing collaboration with Steri-Clean franchisees nationwide! Submit an inquiry form to start a meaningful dialogue about volunteer or Corporate Response Partner opportunities in your area.

By pooling resources and expertise, we can overcome barriers and create healthier, hope-filled communities across America.

FAQs About Project SMART