Homeless Encampment

Steri-Clean Safely Removes Solid and Biohazard Waste from Homeless Encampments

Homeless encampments are areas where many people live without a proper shelter. While we understand the need that these individuals have for a place to live, a homeless encampment can present a large waste and biohazard problem. Steri-Clean is here to help you handle the non-human aspect of clearing a homeless shelter.

When your city proper decides an encampment needs to be cleared, Steri-Clean will come onsite to assess the size and scope of the project. We will then present an estimate and a plan on how to proceed. As we do this, it gives the city time to post the legally required impending cleanup and mandatory evacuation notices and ensure that the homeless encampment is clear of people before we begin our process.

Waste From Homeless Encampments

Homeless encampments can spring up on private or government property. When it’s time to clear them away, you should always call a professional company to clean up anything they left behind at the former encampment. When the homeless evacuate a camp, it is common for many items to be left behind. Sometimes these are harmless pieces of trash or broken items, but there is always the potential presence of biohazardous waste to be concerned about.

Steri-Clean safely removes and disposes of the following items:

  • Non-regulated Waste/Trash

  • Human and Animal Waste

  • Spoiled Food

  • Dead Animals

  • Combustible and Non-combustible Waste

  • Needles, Syringes, and Other Drug Paraphernalia

  • Stolen Items

  • Bicycles

  • Abandoned Vehicles

  • Electronic Waste

The homeless encampment cleanup process can be dangerous if not handled properly. That’s why you need a professional company with decades of experience containing and disposing of hazardous waste as well as decontaminating the remaining property as needed. Call Steri-Clean to ensure a safe, thorough, and efficient process for everyone.