Tear Gas Cleanup

Steri-Clean Remediates the Effects of Tear Gas

Tear Gas is used by law enforcement to defuse violent situations. It is a chemical agent that is fired in torpedo-like canisters which, when released, causes severe eye, skin, and respiratory irritation to those in the area. The oily substance sticks to walls, doors, and ceilings in pink, purple, and yellow splotches and will drip down to settle onto any flat surface. If this happens, proper tear gas remediation is necessary.

If tear gas is not properly removed, the effects can remain in a building for years, rendering entry impossible without a gas mask. If tear gas has affected your home, call Steri-Clean to handle the tear gas cleanup process for you. We have developed a proprietary neutralizer to rid your home of lasting tear gas odor and effects.


Steri-Clean’s Tear Gas Cleanup Process

When performing tear gas removal, our first step is to determine which type was used. Law enforcement will use several different kinds, including CS, OC, NC, pepper balls, flashbangs, and more.

Our next step is to figure out how many canisters were fired, how severe the irritants are, and how extensive the overall damage was. If up to five or more canisters were fired, we likely won’t be able to enter the building without full respiratory protection and PPE.

Finally, we’ll need to know the type of structure the tear gas was fired into. Depending on if it was fired through glass, punctured holes in the walls, or if law enforcement kicked doors in to gain entry, the tear gas cleanup and repair process will take longer, and there could be even more danger involved for residents before the building is restored. HVAC systems and even electronics with circulating fans may have drawn the tear gas inside their components. All these items must be identified and fully cleaned or the effects of the tear gas could last forever.

Tear gas can be extremely harmful to anyone who remains in the structure. It is vital that you contact a professional company to carry out tear gas cleanup and remediation as soon as possible. Steri-Clean is here to help you through this difficult time and help get your life or business back on track. We partner with most major insurance companies and will walk you through filing a claim. Call us 24/7. We are ready to assist you.