Fingerprint Dust Cleanup

We’ll Help on the Road to Recovery After the Crime Scene Investigation

When you think of needing professional cleaning services after a crime scene or investigation, you’re probably not thinking of the need for fingerprint dust cleanup. But, believe it or not, trying to clean fingerprint dust on your own can lead to permanent black stains on any porous surfaces or items.

Fingerprint dust is made up of a very fine particulate of black granite powder that requires complex remediation. In almost 30 years of professional crime scene cleanup, Steri-Clean has developed proprietary techniques and chemicals that will effectively remove and neutralize this powder as well as other harmful agents used by investigators. We are equipped for more than fingerprint dust removal. We perform all types of crime scene residue cleanup

Proper Cleaning Techniques for Fingerprint Dust Removal


It is imperative that you do not try removing the fingerprint dust cleanup on your own, as adding moisture will cause it to turn into a chalky black liquid which will permanently stain any porous surface it contacts. Fortunately, our expert team members are experienced and proficient at fingerprint dust cleanup and removal. Whether you are dealing with crime scene residue from a break-in or a homicide, Steri-Clean is only a call away. We are ready 24/7 to come to your residence, business, or other types of property to assist in the recovery process.

Steri-Clean experts are regularly called upon throughout the country to remove not only biohazards but also crime scene residue that investigators often leave behind, including fingerprint dust cleanup, luminol, and adhesive decals for taking measurements and determining blood splatter direction.

If your home or business has been affected by any type of crime, whether homicide, break-in, or attempted break-in, trust Steri-Clean to come alongside you and provide the critical fingerprint dust removal and crime scene cleanup you need to start picking up the pieces.