Rodent Cleanup

One of the Top Rodent Waste Cleanup Companies in the Nation

There’s more to cleaning up rodents than removing droppings. Their waste can contain highly dangerous bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses, such as the Hantavirus, that are potentially fatal to humans. 

Steri-Clean uses hospital-grade disinfectants and commercial HEPA vacuums that clean up droppings and effectively contain airborne viruses within the sealed vacuum canister. It is important to note that household vacuums with HEPA filters are not sealed and allow for microorganisms to be released into the air exposing the user to these dangerous pathogens.

Our highly trained and certified technicians, years of experience in the industry, and state-of-the-art equipment are just some of the reasons Steri-Clean is one of the top-rated rodent waste removal and cleanup companies in the nation.

Rodent urine and feces 3
Rodent urine and feces 1

Why Work With Steri-Clean?

Steri-Clean removes the following types of rodent waste:

  • Mouse Urine / Feces

  • Rat Urine / Feces

  • Raccoon Waste

  • Other Rodent Urine / Feces

  • Pigeon Droppings

  • Bird Droppings

  • Bat Guano

  • Dead Rodents / Pigeons / Birds

  • Rodent / Bird Nesting Materials

Many companies will exterminate pests and clean up the droppings, but it is unlikely that they have the proper procedures in place to decontaminate your property and ensure the safety of all affected areas. Steri-Clean will remove all rodent waste with a thorough deep clean.

This also rids the area of any odor that might attract more rodents in the future. We use a proper disinfectant that is proven to kill viruses and bacteria carried by rodents, letting it sit for the appropriate time to disinfect the area or item. Once we have finished cleaning, we use ATP monitors to test several surfaces and get readings that will confirm whether or not we have disinfected and decontaminated properly. Based on the test, we will declare your property safe, or we will go back and repeat the process.

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