Extreme Cleaning Services Fort Myers

Steri-Clean is a leading provider of extreme cleaning and decontamination services for commercial and residential properties in Fort Myers, Florida. We have over ten years of experience specializing in biohazard remediation, hazardous waste removal, hoarding cleanup, blood and bodily fluid cleanup, meth lab decontamination, and more. Our trained technicians employ advanced techniques and industry-grade products to thoroughly sanitize affected areas while ensuring the safety of clients and staff. See our Florida Extreme Cleaning Services page for additional information on our emergency response and scheduled services across the state.


Extreme Cleaning Services Fort Myers

Why Choose Steri-Clean for Extreme Cleaning in Fort Myers

When a severely contaminated property requires professional remediation in Fort Myers, Steri-Clean is the top choice for businesses and homeowners. As the area’s premier provider of extreme cleaning services Fort Myers clients have relied on for years, our decontamination services Fort Myers experts are fully equipped to handle even the most hazardous biohazard situations. We are available 24/7 at (239) 932-4001 to immediately respond to emergencies involving blood, bodily fluids, hoarding, meth labs, decomposition, rodents, and more. Our extreme cleaning protocols meet all industry standards for safety and effectiveness.

Services Offered

Steri-Clean provides the following extreme cleaning and biohazard remediation services across Fort Myers:

Biohazard Remediation

From violent attacks and unattended deaths to major bodily fluid spills, our HAZMAT-trained technicians specialize in blood, organ, and tissue decontamination using hospital-grade disinfectants to restore affected areas fully. We assist law enforcement with securing potential crime scenes before investigation teams arrive.

Hoarding Cleaning Services

We safely clear debris and thoroughly clean and disinfect all areas for residential and commercial properties overrun with clutter that creates unsafe living conditions and fire hazards. This includes scrubbing surfaces, removing bio-waste, and eliminating foul odors using medical-grade products.

Meth Lab Cleaning Services

Properties contaminated by methamphetamine production require special decontamination by licensed professionals trained in identifying hazardous materials associated with meth labs. We contain scenes, collect samples for testing, remove and properly dispose of all toxic substances according to DEA guidelines, and fully restore interiors to a livable state.

Rodent Cleaning Services

From small infestations to large-scale rodent takeovers resulting in decay and property damage, Steri-Clean’s technicians remove all traces of contamination and prevent re-infestation. We extract carcasses, nests, and droppings while eliminating odors and staining, thoroughly sanitizing areas with medical-grade disinfectants.

House Cleaning Fort Myers

For residential and commercial clients in Fort Myers seeking intensive house cleaning services involving deep scrubbing, heavy-duty stain removal, odor elimination, and disinfection, Steri-Clean offers customizable solutions. From recurring scheduled appointments to one-time whole-house cleaning near me, our uniformed experts can handle tasks beyond typical maid services. Contact us for estimates on house cleaning services near me in Fort Myers.

Extreme House Cleaning Services Near Me

Steri-Clean operates rapidly across Fort Myers and all nearby towns and suburbs. Technicians located close by can reach your site promptly for emergency services. Response times average under 60 minutes.

Deep Cleaning vs. Standard Cleaning

Deep cleaning is comprehensive, delving into all crevices that collect dirt/germs over time. Standard cleaning maintains surface-level cleanliness. Deep cleaning also employs disinfectants to kill bacteria and prevent spread of contagions.

The duration of a deep cleaning service depends on factors like square footage and number of rooms. Generally, the process takes between three to six hours for an average sized home.

Extreme Cleaning Services Fort Myers Reviews

"The Steri-Clean crew responded rapidly when we had a major biohazard event at our facility. Their extreme cleaning and decontamination work was efficient, discreet, and highly professional. We will call them again if needed.”

- David K., Fort Myers resident

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