Hoarding Awareness

With the Hoarding Disorder problem continuing to rise across America, it is quickly becoming an actual crisis. Fortunately Hoarding Disorder awareness is becoming more mainstream. We need to erase the embarrassment and the stigma so that  people with the disorder will be more likely to acknowledge and accept this as an actual disorder that requires treatment to get to the root cause of their particular reason they hoard.

Cleaning out the clutter is just one step in a multistep process in overcoming one’s Hoarding Disorder. It can feel uncomfortable and maybe even emotionally painful, but the end results are often just what someone needs to begin their journey of recovery.

We’re here to help. Steri-Clean, Inc.® and Hoarders.com® is the only hoarding cleanup specialty trained company with franchises and corporate owned offices across the country.

Working alongside our customers, Steri-Clean builds trust, shows empathy, and delivers on our promises. We know how to help a hoarder, and anyone suffering from moderate to severe clutter. How to truly help a hoarder is the key, not how to empty their home.

Anyone can carry out an item, but how to do it, what to do with it, and how to make our customer feel good about their decision of where that item goes is of utmost importance to us.

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