What Is Biohazard Cleanup

What Is Biohazard Cleanup, Biohazard Cleaning, Cleaning a Biohazard

Biohazard Cleaning What Is Biohazard Cleanup The biohazard cleanup process involves safely removing hazardous matter to restore a space to its original condition. Hazards can include bodily fluids like blood, chemicals, and other potentially harmful matter that must be removed and disposed of following strict protocols. The primary goal of any biohazard removal process is…

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What Is Crime Scene Clean Up

Learn about the importance of crime scene cleaning, bloodborne pathogens, biohazard remediation, and OSHA regulations in our comprehensive guide. Find out about the risks of exposure, and discover the best practices for decontamination and personal protective equipment (PPE).

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Lost & Found

Found Money

One of our favorite times when we are on a hoard cleanup job is when we find TONS of lost money. And yes, we return it to the owner, or to the estate EVERY single time. What is the largest amount of money you think we have found in a hoard? Head over to Cory’s…

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Saving Things vs. Hoarding

Saving vs. Hoarding

“You just never know when you’re gonna need it one day.”This is a very common statement that pretty much everyone has said at one time or another, but there is a fine line between holding onto a few things “just in case” and allowing them to grow and accumulate to an unhealthy level. This is…

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