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Steri-Clean is the leading crime scene clean-up and biohazard remediation services provider in Rockford, Illinois. With over ten years of specialty experience, our expert team properly and safely restores residences, businesses, and public spaces affected by unattended deaths, homicides, suicides, industrial accidents, hoarding situations, and infectious disease outbreaks. We serve residential and commercial clients with discretion and care according to OSHA guidelines.

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Why Choose Steri-Clean Rockford

As the top local provider, Steri-Clean brings unparalleled expertise to every Rockford crime scene and biohazard clean-up job. Our extensively trained technicians stay current through ongoing education in the latest remediation techniques, safety protocols, and hazmat procedures. This allows us to thoroughly and appropriately clean even the most distressing crime scenes, hoarding sites, or biohazard situations. We offer reliable 24/7 response paired with compassionate service. Whether you need trauma cleaning, blood spill remediation, meth lab decontamination, or other hazardous waste transportation and disposal, Steri-Clean Rockford has the experience, equipment, and capacity to assist.

Services Offered

Steri-Clean Rockford provides end-to-end crime scene clean-up and biohazard remediation services, including:

  • Crime Scene Clean-Up: Complete site decontamination, forensic clean-up, blood and bodily fluid removal, odor mitigation, surface disinfection, and structural restoration.
  • Death, Suicide, & Homicide Cleaning: Sensitive cleaning and bioremediation of unattended death scenes
  • Industrial & Biohazard Cleaning: Removal of toxic chemicals and infectious waste; meth lab, hazmat, and hoarding decontamination
  • Medical Waste Disposal: Proper transportation and disposal of medical sharps and red bag infectious waste
  • Blood Clean-up: Safe handling and disinfection of blood spills
  • Biohazard Remediation: Complete infectious disease sanitization; COVID-19 decontamination

Crime Scene Cleanup Company Rockford IL Prices

Our team follows strict safety protocols and utilizes professional-grade disinfectants, protective equipment, and tools for safe and effective remediation.

Crime Scene Clean-up Company Rockford IL Prices

Steri-Clean maintains fair, competitive pricing for all Rockford crime scene and biohazard cleaning services. Due to the hazardous materials, variability, and regulatory requirements involved with forensic and biohazard remediation, each job requires an individual quote based on an onsite assessment of scope and contamination levels. When estimating your cost, we take into account factors like:

  • Size of affected areas
  • Scale and duration of the incident
  • Types and levels of hazardous waste present
  • Structural restoration and repair needs
  • Special professional equipment required
  • Transportation fees and legal disposal

Please get in touch with us for an exact price estimate tailored to your unique situation. Discounts may be available for low-income residents or large restoration jobs. We also assist clients in assessing insurance coverage or victim compensation funds they may be able to access.

Process of Crime Scene Clean-up

Our Rockford crime scene clean-up process utilizes hazmat-level protocols to safely remediate biohazards, thoroughly disinfect all surfaces, dispose of regulated medical waste, and restore the affected area for habitation or occupancy. Key phases include:

  1. Initial Site Assessment & Preparation
  2. Hazardous Waste Handling & Removal
  3. Scrubbing, Disinfection, & Deodorization
  4. Structural Tear Down & Reconstruction
  5. Final Verification & Clearance

Contact Steri-Clean Today

Don't hesitate to call (779) 333-4001 for urgent biohazard assistance from Steri-Clean's highly qualified remediation crews, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to reestablish safety quickly. Partner with our tested cleanup professionals whenever dangerous contamination occurs.

Crime Scene Cleanup Rockford Reviews

I hired Steri-Clean for a homicide cleanup job after a terrible incident at my rental property. They responded rapidly and worked efficiently to remediate the biohazards while still treating the situation with compassion.

- A. Thompson Rockford IL

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