– Angela S, San Marcos, CA

SMOKE ODOR REMOVAL I bought a condo that happened to have a smoker who lived there previously. He claimed he only smoked on the balcony, but of course it permeated the condo. The seller tried to mask the smell, so at this point it smelled like a combination of cigarettes/old motel/old man. Weird combo. I called Steri-Clean way too early on a Sunday morning, thinking I'd just leave a message. They answered the phone(!) and gave me a rough estimate of what it would cost, so I could decide if I wanted to go through with the sale. Instant gratification at its finest! Once escrow closed, the crew came in and did their thing. The two guys that did the job were really great. Professional, but personable. All I had to do was be there to open the door, they did everything. The next day I came back, they had cleaned everything up so there was no evidence of them ever there, and aired out the place for me. The best part? No cigarette/motel/old man smell! They warned me it would smell sort of like chlorine for a bit, but I barely smelled that. It was such a relief that the smell was gone, since this is my new home! I trusted their confidence in being able to remove it, and they didn't disappoint. Throughout the whole process, everyone at Steri-Clean was pretty fantastic. I was in close contact with Natalie, and she is just amazing! I had to reschedule things a few times (can't count on escrow timelines), ask really weird questions, and pretty much needed my hand held and someone to laugh at my antics the whole time. Natalie was that person, and made me feel totally confident that I was in good hands.