Texas Extreme Cleaning and Decontamination Services

Steri-Clean Texas provides premier biohazard cleanup and crime scene cleanup services across Texas. Our extreme cleaning solutions thoroughly decontaminate affected areas for the health and safety of Texas communities. With NIMS certification and adherence to Texas Department of State Health Services guidelines, Steri-Clean utilizes hospital-grade disinfectants and advanced equipment like HEPA vacuums. Whether you need an expert for unattended death cleanup or reliable meth lab cleanup, Steri-Clean Texas has tailored services to fulfill every extreme cleaning need.

Texas extreme cleaning services

Why Choose Steri-Clean Texas for Your Extreme Cleaning Needs?

When seeking an extreme cleaning and decontamination service in Texas, Steri-Clean is the premier choice. We have an unwavering commitment to total customer satisfaction through our meticulous quality control oversight on every job. Our specialized teams are highly trained and experienced to deliver tailored solutions that fulfill the unique needs of each situation. From crime scene cleanup to hoarding cleanup and beyond, Steri-Clean Texas has the capabilities and expertise to handle even the most extreme cleaning challenges safely, efficiently, and compassionately.


Our Commitment to Excellence

At Steri-Clean Texas, we adhere to the industry's best practices and gold-standard guidelines set forth by leading Texas agencies like the Department of State Health Services on every single job, no matter the size, to ensure uncompromising and consistent results. We undergo continual training on the latest methods and utilize hospital-grade tools and disinfectants to achieve the highest quality outcomes while prioritizing compassionate care.


Tailored Services for Every Need

We understand no two extreme cleaning situations are exactly alike. Our teams thoroughly assess each unique scene, analyzing the full scope of the challenges presented from a practical and emotional perspective. From there, we develop and implement a customized precision cleaning plan using the most advanced techniques and medical-grade equipment to lift contaminants and restore the affected area's safety and visual appeal. No job is too big or complex for our extensive experience successfully tackling specialty cleaning projects.


Trusted by Texas Communities

With a sterling reputation built on years of reliable, discreet service solving susceptible cleaning issues, Steri-Clean Texas has become the tried-and-true provider for residential and commercial extreme cleaning needs across the state. We take great pride in the trust we've established in Texas communities through consistently delivering professional, efficient solutions while treating each customer with dignity and care.

Comprehensive Cleaning and Decontamination Services

Steri-Clean Texas offers comprehensive extreme cleaning and decontamination services to remediate affected areas and restore safety after incidents involving biohazards, crime scenes, hoarding, and other challenges. Our NIMS-certified technicians utilize hospital-grade tools and disinfectants to thoroughly clean, deodorize, and secure sites to the highest standards.

Some of our comprehensive extreme cleaning services include:

  • Biohazard Cleanup - From unattended death scenes to blood and bodily fluid contamination, we safely clean and neutralize potentially dangerous biohazards.
  • Crime Scene Cleanup - Our discreet teams employ advanced techniques to completely clean crime scene contamination and eliminate harmful pathogens.
  • Hoarding Cleanup - We clear clutter and filth by collecting situations, hauling away waste, sanitizing the site, and helping prevent reoccurrence through aftercare resources.

Every job is manageable for our compassionate, skilled, extreme cleaning experts. Trust Steri-Clean Texas to return your environment to a safe, contamination-free state.

Affordable Texas Extreme Cleaning Services Prices

At Steri-Clean Texas, we believe compassion and care should never be compromised, even at a cost. We offer transparent, affordable pricing tailored to your unique needs - no hidden fees or obligations.

Pricing Per Square Foot

We provide reasonable square footage rates for all our extreme cleaning services, including biohazard cleanup, crime scene cleanup, hoarding remediation, and more across Texas. Our per-square-foot pricing is determined by the full scope of your job and the level of contamination presented. We conduct thorough on-site assessments to develop an accurate quote with no surprise add-ons.

Hourly Rates for Cleaning Services

In addition to flat-rate pricing, we also offer hourly rates for our skilled cleaning technicians and specialty equipment rentals. This allows you to pay only for the exact work duration needed to complete your unique extreme cleaning project. Hourly pricing provides flexibility to adapt to unexpected developments and ensure you get the service you need without overpaying.

Custom Cleaning Packages and Prices

We understand that every extreme cleaning situation has multiple layers of complexity. That's why we take the time to create personalized bundles with packaged services at discounted rates to deliver the ideal cleaning solution your particular circumstances demand on a budget. Custom packages allow us to combine remediation, waste disposal, structural restoration, contaminant testing, and aftercare resources for a streamlined approach. Contact us today to learn more about affordable pricing options tailored for you!

At Steri-Clean Texas, compassion and care always come first - cost never compromises our unwavering commitment to the customer. We strive to make our services accessible to all Texans in their times of need through transparent pricing.

Localized Texas Cleaning Services

With rapid-response teams across Texas, Steri-Clean provides premier localized cleaning and decontamination services to communities big and small. Our experts understand how to safely and efficiently address the unique needs of different regions.

Best Texas Cleaning Services

Headquartered in Dallas, Fort Worth, with operators statewide, we are the trusted source for top-quality extreme cleaning services across all of Texas. Wherever the need occurs, from urban neighborhoods to remote rural areas, we mobilize quickly to mitigate biohazards, neutralize dangerous chemical contaminants, and restore safety through our compassionate remediation process.

Cleaning Services in San Antonio

Our San Antonio crews specialize in timely large-scale trauma, biohazard, and hoarding cleanup projects throughout the metro area, handling even the most complex situations with discretion while bringing compassion to customers. We are the local experts to call for extensive decontamination work, waste removal, and preventative aftercare when contamination threatens health and the home.

Austin's Premier Cleaning Services

For prompt, reliable cleaning and restoration services in the Austin area, Steri-Clean Texas leads the way in discreet, professional biohazard, crime scene, and trauma cleanup. We help residential and commercial clients return stability to their lives after adversity by thoroughly disinfecting affected areas with restoration in mind, hauling away waste, and providing aftercare resources.

Our Specialized Cleaning Solutions

We tackle contamination that has deeply set into porous surfaces like carpets, tile grout, cracks, and crevices using intensive combinations of HEPA vacuuming, steam cleaning, and medical-grade disinfectants. No matter the source - soap scum buildup, smelly odors from smoke, challenging allergens like pet dander, or grimy oil residue - our deep cleaning methods can lift and eliminate it. Ask about our advanced stain removal techniques.

Office Cleaning for a Productive Workspace

Our expert commercial office cleaning teams clear away clutter and thoroughly sanitize using CDC-recommended techniques specially designed for professional workspaces so your employees can get back to business quickly. We scrub away germs, focusing on high-touch areas, restock supplies, take out trash, and leave your space sparkling. Because we understand productivity is on the line, we carefully work around your office schedule to minimize disruptions.

Safe and Effective Hazardous Waste Disposal

Proper packaging and disposal of hazardous materials prevent further environmental damage from toxic leaks, explosions, and poisoning while restoring your surroundings to code compliance. Our licensed crews adhere to federal EPA and state TCEQ stringent regulations in waste handling, providing chain-of-custody documentation so you have peace of mind that contamination is permanently resolved. From e-waste to medical sharps to hydraulic fluids, trust Steri-Clean Texas for regulatory-compliant hazardous waste disposal.

Contact Steri-Clean Texas Today

Suppose you're facing biohazards from unattended deaths, violent crime scenes, hoarding disorder messes, or other hazardous contamination situations. In that case, Steri-Clean Texas has compassionate, highly skilled solutions to remediate affected areas and thoroughly restore safety to your surroundings. Don't wait - reach out now for swift, thorough, locally-based cleaning services from Texas' top emergency restoration provider. 

Take the first step towards a cleaner, healthier environment by contacting our customer service team at (469) 320-9810 for an immediate free consultation. We are standing by 24/7 to answer all your questions, dispatch our rapid response crews if necessary, and guide you through the following steps during challenging circumstances.

Texas Extreme Cleaning Services Reviews

Steri-Clean Texas upholds impeccable quality and service standards that keep customers satisfied and spread the word about their experiences. From independent review sites to direct client feedback, see what people say about our extreme cleaning services.

Yelp Reviews

"Steri-Clean Texas arrived promptly and handled our trauma scene with incredible professionalism. They treated us with sensitivity while efficiently restoring safety to the affected area." - featured from YELP.

BBB Accreditation and Reviews

"I cannot say enough good things about this company. They responded so fast and worked miracles cleaning up after a terrible incident at our home." - featured from the BBB.

Client Testimonials

We have numerous written and video testimonials describing the thoughtful, meticulous approach Steri-Clean Texas takes with every extreme cleaning job to deliver tailored solutions and compassionate support throughout the process.

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Pricing for professional Texas deep cleaning services depends on square footage, specific areas being addressed, the current level of contamination, procedure intensity needed, labor hours, and other custom factors we account for in our upfront free quotes. As state restoration industry leaders, we offer very reasonable rates.